dancing in the still point on the spiral journey of life

About Me

About Me


Margaret Mead said, “There is no more creative force in the world than a menopausal woman with zest.” I’m in the Post-Menopausal Zest zone. I’ve got motivation, energy and a sense of purpose. 


I’m part of an emerging paradigm of conscious aging, diving deeply into the wild and true, and addressing the need for spirituality, connection, examination and guidance.


Nature photography is my passion. I continuously observe the cycles of nature as seasons change. When I’m taking pictures, my mind quiets and I become more present. I have a relationship with nature that guides me through the wheel of life.


All of the pictures in my posts are mine unless otherwise noted. Janae Neeson shot these fabulous photos of me.


I’ve learned that my youthful body was much more beautiful than I imagined. Although I know I’m not my body, I do regret the decades I spent worrying about being too fat and never feeling attractive. What a shame to have wasted time on self-loathing and negative thinking.


I’ve survived many real challenges. I’ve lived through them and grown stronger. I’ve learned from my mistakes, forgiven others who hurt me and let go of bitterness in order to become more peaceful. I’m more compassionate towards myself and others.


I’m more confident now and worry a lot less about what other people think. I’ve worked hard to resolve internal conflicts. I’ve done the work to be as physically, psychologically and spiritually healthy as possible. There are times, of course, where old patterns reappear. Fortunately I don’t struggle as hard or for as long as I did in the past.



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